Storage techniques

Climespace's storing facilities allow it to address occasional peaks in consumption. At night, when air conditioning requirements are at their lowest, cold energy is stored in tanks. During the day, these same storage tanks may be called upon to handle the increase in consumption.

Two types of cold energy are stored: chilled water and ice.

Ice, however, tends to be more advantageous as it requires less storage volume, saving valuable space.

La Tour Maubourg chilled water storage facility

Located on the top floor of a parking lot, the Tour Maubourg installation is made up of 13 tanks allowing for storage of a total of 12000 m2 of chilled water. This volume represents 90 MW per hour of energy. The water is stored at 3°C.


The Opera facility holds an ice storage tank totaling 320 m2 or the equivalent of 20 MW per hour.


The Halles facility contains an ice storage unit equivalent to 30 MW per hour.

Storage at client facilities

  • BNP
  • Marché Saint Honoré