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The advantages of Climespace's district cooling systems

An activity that respects the environment

By replacing a stand-alone installation in your building with Climespace's production units you will reap many benefits.

Air quality

  • No plume of steam emitted from network connected installations
  • Reduction of refrigerant gases emissions that lead to the depletion of the ozone layer
  • Decrease in the use of refrigerants

Health risks management

The health controls carried out in our production plants, our strict compliance with current regulations, and the separation of liquids (primary and secondary) ensure that there is no risk of bacteria contamination.

Noise reduction

  • Do away with noise on site installations
  • Absence of noise generated by cooling towers
  • Our city plants operate with minimal noise

Reduce your electricity consumption

  • Reduce your electricity consumption thanks to energy efficient installations
  • Optimize system use through a wide range of power settings
  • Make use of storage tanks that permit the evening out of electricity consumption

The use of Climespace's cooling technology translates into savings of 30 to 50% (when compared to a stand-alone air conditioning installation) while cutting CO2 emissions by up to 40%.


  • Reduce water consumption by 65%
  • Limit the use of chemicals used for water treatment by up to 80%

Architecture and urbanism

  • Respect the building's aesthetics

Make use of an air conditioning system that does not require cumbersome installations and helps to preserve the building's original look and feel

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