National Library of France, customer since 2012

The National Library of France is the most important library in France with 13 million books and publications, inherited from royals collections since the end of Middle-Age. The Bercy production plant has been specially commissioned to deliver cooling energy to this zone. Its installed capacity is 44 MW and it is cooled using the water from the Seine.

Quai Branly museum, customer since 2003

The Quai Branly museum chose CLIMESPACE for its collective energy-efficient cooling system , in-keeping with its eco-management objectives. Due to the high lightning in the exhibition rooms and to preserve the art pieces at constant level of temperature and hygrometry, CLIMESPACE ensures continuous delivery of cooling energy.

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, customer since 1996

The Galeries Lafayette Haussmann have been connected to the District Cooling Network in 1996. The production plant "Opéra" is located in the basement. It has a capacity of 33MW and includes a cooling system using cooling towers. It is perfectly integrated into the architecture of the building and CLIMESPACE limits its use during the summer months to prevent visual nuisances from the steam.

Hotel Le Bristol Paris, customer since 1999

The hotel Le Bristol is a luxury establishment located on the Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in a former mansion built in 1758. It is one of the most prestigious palaces of France and member of the Leading Hotels of the World. He chose CLIMESPACE for its ease of architectural integration and to guarantee the comfort and calm of its prestigious clientele.

Since 1991, CLIMESPACE operates and develops Paris district cooling system : the largest in Europe and 11th in the world


Our clients

"We carry out a comprehensive environmental policy that covers all of our assets. We pay particular attention to limiting the impact of our buildings on the environment, whether during the construction phase or operating phase. Today, 45% of office rental spaces of the Generali Real Estate French Branch property portfolio ... Read more

Nirmal ARYAL, Green Building Manager, Generali Real Estate France

"CLIMESPACE, particularly in the Beaugrenelle shopping centre project, is a key partner for three main reasons: firstly, from a health point of view, it was imperative not to install air cooling towers beneath the windows of the homes that overlook the centre. Secondly, this freed up space that we used ... Read more

Director of Architecture and Construction, GECINA

"Our telecom hosting business activities require us to provide a redundant air conditioning service that is available 24 hours a day to all our customers. To do this we need to rely on partners that listen, react and above all, are high performance. Long-term, CLIMESPACE stood out on two points: ... Read more

Alexandre LE FAUCHEUR, Team leader, TELEHOUSE Europe

"Changes in footfall at the Grevin museum are relatively significant and being confident of being able to quickly cool down our public areas is a major asset. Our main requirement is the availability of the service and the CLIMESPACE network suffers no interruption throughout the year unlike the external groups ... Read more

Nicolas JOUSSE, Technical manager, Musée Grevin

"An engineering firm made me three proposals and we chose the CLIMESPACE solution which was the best in terms of sustainable development, was more cost-effective and also allowed us to regain a 30m² area on the terrace. Furthermore, the system proposed by CLIMESPACE is scalable, a valuable advantage for the ... Read more

Gérard BERRUT, Owner, Hôtel Bedford

"When I have a concern, I know I can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and I will immediately have an operator who will answer and resolve the situation."

Christophe FERRIERE, Manager, Restaurant Au Petit Riche