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District Cooling

The district cooling system (DCS) is made up of collective chilled water production and distribution facilities. Its development relies on pooling the cooling needs of Paris buildings. It is an essential urban planning tool for communities committed to energy efficiency and the fight against climate change.


The DCS has enjoyed a distinct success with developers and cities wanting to implement an energy management and greenhouse gas emissions reduction policy. District cooling systems are therefore by nature infrastructures that are closely linked to urban communal or inter-communal development.
In Paris, with CLIMESPACE, chilled water is produced by refrigeration plants and distributed through pipes serving buildings outfitted with energy transfer stations. Each building consumes the amount of cooling energy required for its own needs. The DCS operates in a closed circuit with two conduits; one for conveying the 5°C chilled water to the users and the other for the return of 15°C water to the generation plants.
The DCS thus consists of three basic elements:
generation plants
a distribution network
energy transfer stations (ETS)

A smart grid

To ensure the continuous supply of cooling and for increased security, the generation plants, distribution network and ETS are managed from a control centre with human presence 24/7. These connected technologies together achieve continuous improvement in energy efficiency. More than 600 energy transfer stations communicate in real time and 102,400 monitoring points are connected to the control centre.


Principle of district cooling system

District Cooling System Map

District cooling system map

The benefits for our customers

CLIMESPACE's controlling costsControlling costs

  • Cost structure transparency throughout the building’s entire life cycle
  • Elimination of financial uncertainties related to maintenance and repair costs
  • Initial investment costs known
  • Adjustable capacity contract adapted to use

Responsible cooling guaranteeResponsible cooling guarantee

  • Solution efficiency for increased occupant well-being
  • Elimination of health risks and pollution (visual, auditory and vibration)
  • Preservation of primary energy resources – 100% renewable energy electricity guarantee

Enhance property values with CLIMESPACEEnhanced property values

  • Contributing to qualifying for certifications (HQE, BREEAM, LEED, etc.)
  • Optimal use of customer space thanks to reduced space requirements
  • Enhanced property asset financial performance
  • Avoiding asset obsolesence