Climespace, leader of District Cooling in Paris


A fully mastered process along the entire production chain

The principle of construction and deployment of a district cooling system is based on meeting the combined demand for energy for air conditioning a group of buildings. This pooling of demand can turn what would be a set of low-performing autonomous air conditioning units at the scale of the building into an industrial facility serving a district or neighbourhood. District cooling allows the energy needs of an area to be considered globally and, in some cases, has provided the opportunity to make use of the thermal energy of natural resources including rivers, geothermal wells or oceans.

CLIMESPACE performs project management for the scaling, design and integration of its production plants into the urban and surrounding landscape, which involves:
Mastered process CLIMESPACE


With its vast experience, CLIMESPACE is using its technical expertise and public service experience outside the French capital. It also provides support to local authorities and developers interested in developing district cooling systems throughout the world.