Frequently asked questions

CLIMESPACE in 20 questions

1- Is the supply of cooling available year round?

CLIMESPACE ensures the supply of cooling 7 days a week and 24 hours a day all year round. During 2020 continuity of service stood at 99.993%

2- What does the connection to the CLIMESPACE district cooling system include?

The CLIMESPACE contract includes:
  • installation of the outgoing and return pipes that connect the building to the energy supply network infrastructure located beneath the roadway
  • all equipment necessary for delivery of primary energy in the building’s utility room designated for CLIMESPACE: exchanger, electrical control panel etc.
  • supply of cooling energy from the generating plant to the delivery building.

3- How is the connection done?

The connection is carried out by technical teams supervised by CLIMESPACE project managers.
  • The Network Division, in charge of the public right of way connection from the CLIMESPACE network infrastructure to the private areas of the destination building.
  • The Substation Division, in charge of connection and delivery in the private areas, for the substation installation and commissioning in the destination building.
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4- How long does it take to connect a building?

Connection to the CLIMESPACE district cooling system requires a technical feasibility study subject to several regulatory constraints. This study takes from 10 to 14 months, a period that cannot be shortened as it relates, in particular, to the administrative permits that have to be obtained from various bodies (Paris city hall, etc). Therefore, the minimum connection period is 10 months.

5- How does the network enter the building?

The CLIMESPACE network circulates mainly via the sewers of Paris, which is why the network enters primarily through “special connections” in the sewer of the buildings concerned. Where this is not feasible, it enters through the ground.

6- What about the obsolescence of CLIMESPACE equipment and facilities?

The CLIMESPACE solution provides a full guarantee of your cooling installations: all parts and labour needed for replacing or maintaining the equipment, or the entire substation, are included in the package.

7- Is there a minimum power capacity level to subscribe to?

CLIMESPACE is able to equip all types of premises, even the smallest. Today, the company’s experience enables it to meet the specific needs of small surface areas. Through shared installations, district cooling actually makes it possible to provide high quality cooling in small-size locations, with possible use of more compact equipment adapted to the size of the premises. CLIMESPACE does however set a minimum connected load limit of 50 kW.

8- Can the capacity contract be changed over time?

For 3 years, CLIMESPACE guarantees the option of increasing the capacity within the range established in the initial contract; dedicated teams are available to make regular visits to all customers to optimise their contracted capacity in accordance with their needs.

9- I am a CLIMESPACE customer: if I have any technical questions about my equipment, who do I call?

For any technical questions, a User Relations Manager is available by phone at (+33) 1 40 02 79 43 or by email at

10- How can I contact CLIMESPACE in an emergency?

In case of an emergency, an on-call number is available for customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The number is (+33)1 40 02 78 78.

11- How does CLIMESPACE set its prices? Do prices remain stable over time?

As a City of Paris concession holder, CLIMESPACE tariffs are set by the latter. The continuity of CLIMESPACE’s policy in terms of energy efficiency as well as its power purchasing policy allow it to moderate the effect of tariff increases: between 2014 and 2020, CLIMESPACE tariffs increased by only 1.1%. When in 2020 the electricity tariff increased by almost 8.7% (electricity sold to final consumers INSEE 001653959), the CLIMESPACE tariff increased only by 3.8% for consumptions (R1) and 2% for the subscription. CLIMESPACE operating costs, by contracted power range, break down as follows: - A fixed annual subscription (R2) which includes: renewal of equipment, handling of end of life equipment; maintenance and full warranty of parts and labour; cold production, network and energy transfer stations equipment up to the contracted power level; 24 hours a day monitoring and management, 365 days a year, energy transfer stations and production sites (by GTC and ADSL line); on call service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the primary CLIMESPACE installation; appraisal of the customer’s secondary installations connected to CLIMESPACE and advice on optimising the customer’s secondary network from an energy-saving perspective; management of production related regulatory and environmental risks. – Monthly costs, commensurate with energy and water consumption (R1) – For a CLIMESPACE network connection, a portion of the infrastructure investment will necessarily need to be taken into account and will be conditioned on the findings of a technical feasibility study; this investment is intended first of all to participate in financing the work required for the production/distribution of cooling energy (connection fee and R’2) and secondly to deal with any technical uncertainties arising from the hydraulic connection or the distance between the building and the CLIMESPACE servicing area (assistance fund). Use our simulation tool and find out what power level would be recommended for your needs, and what the corresponding expense budget would be !

12- How is CLIMESPACE environment friendly?

As a collective solution, with its attributes of efficiency, the district cooling system addresses with intelligence the demand for cooling in a dense urban environment: Energy efficiency: energy consumed to produce cooling is greatly reduced Environmental efficiency: locally available natural resources are utilized Shared resource efficiency and clean energy solutions: all environmental, health and aesthetic drawbacks are minimized, compared with an equivalent infrastructure of stand-alone air conditioning installations. In Paris, the district cooling system results in: 50% more energy efficiency 35% less electricity consumption 50% lower CO2 emissions compared with an equivalent infrastructure of stand-alone installations. Finally, since 2013, CLIMESPACE initiated a responsible approach for purchasing electricity to power its production facilities, guaranteeing it is 100% from renewable sources.

13- What is CLIMESPACE's position about environmental certifications?

CLIMESPACE solutions contribute to qualifying for certifications (HQE, BREEAM, LEED, etc.) that distinguish green buildings. CLIMESPACE can help customers: reduce the impact of refrigerants on global warming, establish an environmental policy, or assess a building’s financial performance through life cycle analysis. CLIMESPACE solutions eliminate the presence of fluids in buildings thanks to production outsourced to external sites, comply with a plant’s minimum fluid leakage rate (1.21% in 2020), and integrate an installation’s maintenance and end of life costs over the contract life. For more information about taking advanatage of CLIMESPACE expertise for environmental certifications, please go to our dedicated Web page: Environmental Certifications

14- Does the CLIMESPACE connection enable me to remove my cooling systems (cooling tower, etc.)?

Connection to the CLIMESPACE system removes any outside or inside air cooling production installation, eliminating noise, visual and environmental impacts.

15- How do I access my Online Customer Area?

To access your Customer Area (french only), register directly on the CLIMESPACE website under My CLIMESPACE complete the application form so that CLIMESPACE services can validate your access and generate your personal log-in information; you will receive these by email.

16- What do I do if I lose/forget my login information for the Customer Area?

If you have lost your access password for your Customer Area, go to the My Climespace page on the website and click on the “forgot my password” link (french only). After confirming your email address, an email will be sent to you giving you a new password.

17- How do I get my CLIMESPACE bills?

CLIMESPACE bills are sent by post to the billing address provided when signing your contract. You can access duplicates of your bills from the last two years directly at your Online Customer Area My Climespace Downloadable in PDF format, they are available 24 hours a day. For any queries regarding your bills, the CLIMESPACE Accounting Service is at your disposal and can be reached on (+33)1 40 02 78 25.

18- I want to understand my CLIMESPACE bill ?

Learn more about your bills by visiting our tutorial Understanding my bill

19- What information is provided on my consumption and CO2 emissions?

More than a cold energy supplier, CLIMESPACE allows you to benefit from its expertise through associated services such as your Customer Area (french only). Giving you a true 360° view of your relationship with CLIMESPACE, it allows you, among other things, to evaluate your monthly electricity consumption as well as your carbon footprint. In the form of graphs or tables of data, you may analyse your consumption in the current year and compare it with that in the previous year…

20- I want to change my payment method, how can I do this?

You can pay your CLIMESPACE bills in three ways: – By bank transfer – By automatic debit – By a cheque made payable to CLIMESPACE, sent to the following address: CLIMESPACE Direction de la Comptabilité 3-5 Bis Boulevard Diderot 75012 Paris Opt for direct debit and your bills are sent a fortnight before the payment date. You can cancel at any time (by letter a month before the next collection date). To register for direct debit, please contact your Billing Manager at (+33) 1 40 02 78 25 in order to set up the authorization.