Our offer

A subsidiary of the ENGIE Group, CLIMESPACE (153 employees, €90m turnover) operates and develops in Paris one of the leading district cooling systems in the world and the leader in Europe: 10 production sites and 4 storage sites are able to deliver 370 GWh/year of cooling to more than 700 buildings via 86 km of networks.

One offer, three commitments

As a global operator, CLIMESPACE can be a one-stop shop for developing and operating a networked cooling solution, from the detailed analysis of resources and needs, to final cooling delivery, under the best possible conditions.

At every stage, the priority remains the same : achieving the greatest efficiency. There are many tools to improve performance, such as selecting energy sources and equipment, management tools and advising customers on the best use of the cooling delivered.

A turnkey connection

Understanding the needs and the issues of a project

Expert completion of a feasibility study and development of a well-suited solution

Obtaining work permits, connecting the building to the CLIMESPACE network and commissioning of the energy transfer station

Energy supply

Supply reliability through a tightly inter-connected network

Smart energy transfer stations that constantly adjusts to energy needs

Energy billing based on actual consumption

A partner to its customers

Remote monitoring system

Maintenance parts and labour

Troubleshooting and on-call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Analysis of consumptions and advice for optimizing the installation

A five-steps process for connecting a building to the network

The turnkey connection includes all feasibility studies, application to work permits, public work, connection of a building to the network and commissioning of the energy transfer station.

Frise montrant les étapes du raccordement

High and reliable cooling supply for the benefits of its customers

Le bien-être des occupants

Occupant well-being

CLIMESPACE solution ensures an optimum temperature control throughout all the spaces (workspaces, living spaces, data rooms etc.) according to their uses, while avoiding visual and noise pollution.

  • Solution efficiency for increased occupant well-being
  • Elimination of health risks and pollution (visual, auditory and vibration)
  • Temperature management in all your various spaces
Maîtrise des coûts

Controlling costs

CLIMESPACE solution enables its clients to manage their costs from initial investment to functioning costs along the transfer station life cycle. All costs are based on the power level needed.

  • Cost structure transparency throughout the building’s entire life cycle
  • Elimination of financial uncertainties related to maintenance and repair costs
  • Initial investment costs known
  • Adjustable capacity contract adapted to use
La garantie d’un rafraîchissement responsable

Responsible cooling

CLIMESPACE is at the forefront of innovation in its field and provides its skills to a district cooling system as sustainable as possible.

  • Preservation of primary energy resources
  • 100% renewable energy electricity guarantee
  • Elimination of health risks
Valorisation patrimoniale

Enhanced property values

CLIMESPACE delivers low-carbon cooling with high environmental value, recognized by certifications.

  • Contributing to qualifying for certifications (HQE, BREEAM, LEED, etc.)
  • Optimal use of customer space thanks to reduced space requirements
  • Enhanced property asset financial performance
  • Avoiding of asset obsolescence

A partner to its customers

Optimizing the energy performance of its customers

CLIMESPACE 30-years’ experience on the energy behavior of buildings in the Parisian service sector allows it today to recognize and evaluate all types of consumption profiles.
With the help of consultants, thermal and energy experts, CLIMESPACE is able to assist its clients in optimizing their consumption profile and in identifying the personalized technical improvements to enforce :

  • To optimize the building’s secondary facilities
  • To improve the site’s energy performance
  • To optimize their subscription

Supporting its customers on leading their environmental procedures

In a context where the tertiary sector is increasingly committed to CSR policies (Corporate Social Responsibility), extra-financial indicators are now recognized by all players in the real estate sector: carbon footprint, risk management, energy consumptions, wellness of employees…

Le bien-être des occupants

Therefore, environmental certifications or labels are increasingly coveted:

Les certifications sont de plus en plus convoitées ; à Paris, les acteurs de l'immobilier tertiaire s'engagent majoritairement :

  • French HQE certification ("Haute Qualité Environnementale")
  • The labels proposed by Certivéa (HPE, THPE, BBC, BBC- Effinergie +)
  • British certification "BREEAM"
  • US certification "LEED"

Here again, CLIMESPACE can guide its clients in these steps. By working with the competent organizations to help, CLIMESPACE is able to help its clients identify and valorize the possible contributions of a connection to the District Cooling System, in order to meet certifications standards.

More than 7 million equivalent m² cooled

Its expertise in cooling buildings in Paris for over 25 years makes CLIMESPACE the partner capable of understanding every business and its specific characteristics. CLIMESPACE offers are tailored to each customer segment and take into account two main factors: the building’s power demand and its energy consumption.

Customer breakdown by segment

53% Offices
9% Retail shops and department stores
22% Dual-use shops and offices
9% Hotels and restaurants
3% Theatres and museums
4% Others

Offices are the 1st energy consumers in the tertiary sector in Paris. Offices connected to CLIMESPACE district cooling network have an average cooling energy consumption of 66 kWh/m²/an (2018)

CLIMESPACE solutions to their needs

Occupant well-being

  • Efficient solution for temperature control
  • Continuity of service
  • Elimination of visual, noise and vibration pollutions

Compliance with health and environmental laws

  • Externalization of the management of health and regulatory risks

Enhanced property values

  • Optimal use of customer space
  • Reduced space requirements

Energy performance

  • Advice for optimizing the offices consumptions
  • Supply of cooling energy with high environmental value

"We carry out a comprehensive environmental policy that covers all of our assets. We pay particular attention to limiting the impact of our buildings on the environment, whether during the construction phase or operating phase. Today, 45% of office rental spaces of the Generali Real Estate French Branch property portfolio ... Read more

Nirmal ARYAL, Green Building Manager, Generali Real Estate France