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Our services

In addition to providing chilled water for optimal buildings cooling, CLIMESPACE also supports you in optimizing your energy consumptions and leading your environmental procedures.

Whether you are an owner, a manager or an occupant of an office building, a palace, a theater or a department store, your cooling needs are different and your uses of the refrigeration energy distributed by CLIMESPACE are yours. Moreover, regardless of the intrinsic characteristics of your building, the intensity of the use of air conditioning is directly linked to the uses of your surfaces: comfort, processes, server rooms, cold rooms…

To analyze your consumptions…

Our 25 years experience on the energy behavior of buildings in the Parisian service sector allows us today to recognize and evaluate all types of consumption profiles.
As a CLIMESPACE customer, our expertise is dedicated to your needs. With the help of our consultants, thermal and energy experts, we will be able to assist you in optimizing your consumption profile and in identifying the personalized technical improvements to enforce:

  • – Optimizing your subscription
  • – Improving your energy performance
  • – Advice for optimizing your building’s secondary facilities

To support you on leading your environmental procedures…

In a context where you are increasingly committed to CSR policies (Corporate Social Responsibility), extra-financial indicators are now recognized by all players in the real estate sector: carbon footprint, risk management, energy consumptions, wellness of employees…
Therefore, environmental certifications or labels are increasingly coveted:

  • – French HQE certification (« Haute Qualité Environnementale »)
  • – the labels proposed by Certivéa (HPE, THPE, BBC, BBC- Effinergie +),
  • – British certification « BREEAM »
  • – US certification « LEED »

Here again, the expertise of CLIMESPACE enables us to guide you in these steps: we work with the competent organizations to help you to identify and valorize the possible contributions of a connection to the CLIMESPACE District Cooling System, in order to meet certifications standards.
To illustrate this CLIMESPACE service, go to our Publications Page of the website :
you can consult our « HQE Construction and Renovation » brochures which we have consolidated in collaboration with Certivéa.